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Make high speed internet for your commercial tenant’s a standard – speeds up to 10 GIG

No cost to the you. No expensive retro fit. No disruptions to your tenants.

An unlimited, dedicated connection with symmetric speeds plans. Backed by a money back guarantee.

Improve satisfaction, reduce churn and increase property value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get super-fast upload speeds too?

YES! Cloud computing is now commonplace. Having the ability to quickly upload your data is critical. All of our plans include equal upload and download speeds.

Do you provide local, 24/7 customer support?

YES! JumpFiber takes great pride in making our customers happy. Our local support team is ready to help.

Do you guarantee your service?

YES! If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, you’ll get a full refund.

Will I share bandwidth with my neighbors?

NO! JumpFiber provides a dedicated connection to each customer’s router. Unlike cable that’s stuck with a shared internal network design.

Does JumpFiber add extra fees?

NO! Unlike most telco providers, JumpFiber limits the amount of fees charged. This typically saves our customers between 15% to 20% on the bottom line. Click here to take the “Price Comparison Challenge”

Will my internal Wi-Fi slow me down?

NO! When customers use our “Carrier Class”, managed routers, you’ll get the speeds you pay for. Upload and download.

Do you have data caps?

NO! Our customers are welcome to transfer as much data as they like.

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