3 Easy Ways To Give Tenants More From Their Broadband Internet

By February 12, 2018The Latest
3 Easy Ways To Give Tenants More From Their Broadband Internet

Whether you own a small apartment complex or manage a large property with dozens or even hundreds of tenants, today’s property managers have lots to focus their attention on. It’s easy for some things to be overlooked, and one thing that is often forgotten is how important it is to provide tenants with excellent broadband internet. 

But there are lots of different things that go into making good broadband internet, and taking the time to really give your tenants the most from their internet means that you could get easier lease renewals, more tenant satisfaction, and better word of mouth.

Speed matters, as does reliability. But they’re standard when you pick gigabit internet and those are the things that everyone gives attention to. What about other factors that play into internet connectivity? With that in mind, taking a look at a few simple ways to make sure your tenants are getting the most from their broadband internet is well worth doing. Here are three easy ways to do just that.

1. Offer Symmetrical Speeds – Symmetrical speeds are nothing more than speed plans that offer users the same upload speed as their download speed. For those who work from home, stream as they game, upload videos, or use cloud technology regularly, fast upload speeds are a very important part of their broadband internet package.

2. Provide Dedicated Connections – When you have 20 people all using the same connection, it can drag internet speeds down to a crawl. By offering dedicated connections to your tenants, you ensure that everyone’s internet remains as fast as it should be. Nobody has to worry about their neighbor using Netflix and their speeds suffering as a result. 

3. Make It Simple – Your tenants shouldn’t have to fight to get connected or find good internet service. By providing it to them in easy to understand and easy to use packages, you give them everything that they could want without any hassle. The easier you make your tenant’s lives, the better it is for everyone. 

If you’ll keep these three points in mind and provide them to your tenants, you’ll see that they are more important than some might realize. Their ability to help improve a tenant’s experience with their internet translates not only to better things for them, but for property owners and managers as well. Speed and reliability matter, of course, but sometimes it’s the little, extra things that make all the difference in the world of the internet.