3 Industries That Demand Gigabit Internet Speeds

By August 3, 2018The Latest
3 Industries That Demand Gigabit Internet Speeds

One reason that cities like San Antonio are investing in fiber lines and high-speed internet is because it attracts companies that need these connections, companies in booming industries.  Marketing campaigns can only do so much, but with good infrastructure and fast internet service in San Antonio, industries like the following examples will flock to the city.

Professional Gaming

While it might be surprising to some, the idea of online gaming as a sport has been growing for years and thanks to things like esports events and online streaming it’s easier than ever to make a living from playing video games.  However, to compete on a professional level, gamers need a lightning-fast internet connection with as little latency as possible, especially if they’re streaming at the same time since that can hog the connection.  Places that want to set up gaming competitions need even better connections, so a fiber internet is essential.

Social Media

Social media companies strive to be internet hubs, places where people can go to find everything they want like news, videos, their friends, and funny images.  However, even a medium-size social media service will have millions of members making millions of comments and updates, and if the pace slows down even a little then thousands of members will vanish and go to another service.  A fast connection to their servers is essential, and that’s just what they’ll find with a fiber internet service in San Antonio.


Social media has nothing on the speed of finance.  With companies using computers to time when they buy and sell stocks and with millions of dollars trading hands in seconds all across the country, financial companies need as much speed and as little latency as they can get.  These days, this means they need a fiber connection to make deals as fast as possible, and they won’t even consider opening an office or setting up server space unless they’re certain the new location has fiber internet.

Other industries that demand high-speed connections include major eCommerce sites, news companies, hosting services, and medical centers.  By building fiber connections, the internet service in San Antonio is becoming fast enough to serve the needs of heavy internet users, and so the city can bring in new revenue from these high-tech industries that more than makes up for the subsidies they hand out to fiber internet companies.  This includes JumpFiber, which offers high-speed connections to portions of downtown San Antonio.