3 Ways Cloud Storage Can Help Your Home Security

By March 8, 2019The Latest
3 Ways Cloud Storage Can Help Your Home Security - Home Internet

Every household needs to worry about security at least some of the time. Not only do people have valuable belongings they wouldn’t want a burglar to take, they also have sensitive information that someone else could use to steal their identity and rack up debts in their name. And while a break-in is always something to worry about, these days intruders can also get in by hacking your computer or phone or by using a phishing scheme to trick you into giving them your information.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself against intrusions like these, and with modern security needs a cloud storage account can help in multiple ways. The companies that offer remote storage usually secure the data on their servers with encryption and other security technology, so no one can access your information except you and anyone you authorize.

Here are a few things your home internet and cloud storage can do for you:

1. Security Camera Recording

If you have an improved security system for your home, you may have a camera or two to watch the perimeter or keep track of important locations. Modern cameras can record HD footage and transmit their feeds over a wireless connection, so it doesn’t take much doing to send their recordings to a cloud storage center instead of a local hard drive. This can give you a lot more storage space dedicated to camera feeds, although it’s important to have a strong home internet connection to avoid any skips or dropped footage.

2. Document Storage

If you file taxes electronically, your tax returns are probably document files rather than physical papers. The same may be true about other important financial documents, but a hacker may be able to steal them if you keep them on a local, unencrypted hard drive. Cloud storage gives you a place to put them where they’ll be safe and off your personal computer.

3. Remote Backups

Cloud storage can also help you out by offering a place to put backup documents, important files and software, and other data you don’t want to lose. If something then happens to your original copies because of a natural disaster, accident, or theft, you can get your data back by downloading it from your cloud.

A cloud storage account can be incredibly important to the modern home security system, which is why a strong home internet connection is equally important. Not only does it let you record camera footage in real time, it also makes it much easier to upload and download large files. For this reason you should also consider getting a home internet connection with a symmetrical data plan.