3 Ways To Start Earning Money Online

By February 15, 2019The Latest
Three Ways To Start Earning Money Online - Fiber Internet

Self-employment and contract work have become much more common in the past few years thanks to the internet and all the online opportunities it creates.  While many traditional jobs let a growing number of employees work from home, others are working for themselves and finding success without technically being an “employee” for any company.  Here are just a few of the more common ways people are making a living on their own terms.

1. Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate marketing” is a step closer to sponsorship than the usual ads people run on websites.  When an affiliate gives you a link to a site, that person gets a percentage of the profit based on what you buy after you use the link.  This usually offers a better source of revenue than banner ads, and while many affiliates base their websites and marketing strategies around advertising, others use the links to help support the content they want to create and tell their audience that using the links is a way to support them.

2. Online Classes

If you’re an expert in a skill you don’t have to teach in person, you can monetize your experience by offering lessons to online students.  You can write courses and quizzes, you can tutor someone directly through voice or video chat, or you can create how-to videos that demonstrate how you cook or build something in your home workshop.  Depending on how you’re teaching your skills, you can make money by becoming an affiliate, running ads, or charging money for each lesson.

3. Software Development

If you know your way around a software language, you could try developing a helpful app or an independent video game.  It’s easier than ever to get started, and there are plenty of online communities that can help you learn the basics, troubleshoot your software, and give you feedback and tips on where to go next.  You can even find artists and musicians who can contribute to your project (for a fair price) and donators who can keep you going through the alpha and beta stages.

For many of these jobs, it’s important to have a good internet speed.  Fiber internet connections offer more speed than most alternatives, plus you get a dedicated connection rather than one you need to share with all your neighbors.  With fiber internet, you won’t have to worry about your internet speed slowing you down, especially since the symmetrical speeds give you equally fast upload speeds.  So whether you’re selling your own creations or marketing someone else’s, consider upgrading to a fiber internet connection if one is available.