4 Questions To Ask Yourself About Wi-Fi Security

By November 9, 2018The Latest
4 Questions To Ask Yourself About Wi-Fi Security - Business Internet

Wireless networks are becoming increasingly necessary for businesses of all sizes.  They let employees connect with their mobile devices and work using tablets or their phones.  They reduce the number of cables you need to string through an office to make sure all the desktop computers work right.  Businesses can also offer wireless access to guests as a courtesy and to let them interact with any electronic paperwork you might have for them.

However, you should also be careful and make sure you protect your business internet network.  And while a Wi-Fi connection is helpful, it also makes it easier for intruders to enter your system and snoop around.  With that in mind, there are a few questions you should ask yourself when you first set up the wireless router for your business internet.

1. Is The Router Secure?

Where did you put the wireless router itself?  Is it easy to find and access, or is it locked away where only authorized people can reach it?  A hacker can bypass a lot of security by messing with the router directly.

2. Is The Router Information Still On Default?

Depending on who’s supplying your internet connection and where your wireless router comes from, you could be getting personalized information or you could be getting the defaults.  Network names like “Linksys” and “Netgear” let hackers know what kind of router you have, and it tells them you’re still probably using the default usernames and passwords.  You need to change your username to something unique and come up with a good password regularly.

3. Is The Software Up To Date?

Software and firmware updates for security systems are always ongoing.  Someone will notice or exploit a glitch or a bug, then the developers will create a fix and upload it online.  Anti-malware programs also need updates to get new virus information.  Make sure the software that protects your wireless network is up to date.

4. Do Guests Have Their Own Access Point?

You shouldn’t let guests have the same permissions and access as your employees.  You can and should set up a different access point and password for guests so they can use the internet without being able to use your computers.

You should ask these questions and many more when you set up the wireless router for your business internet.  A strong connection with wireless access is important to many businesses, but it’s equally important to make sure this connection doesn’t become a weak point that lets the wrong people in.