4 Reasons More People Are Using Cloud Storage

By January 25, 2019The Latest
4 Reasons More People Are Using Cloud Storage

Cloud computing and cloud storage have really taken off within the last few years.  Both businesses and individuals are taking advantage of online storage space to upload their data into the cloud and then bring it back down whenever they want.  This rapid growth has several reasons behind it.

1. Cross-Platform Storage

With the rise of mobile devices, more people are using multiple devices every day.  You might use your phone while you’re on the go, do a few things on your work computer, keep a tablet around for when you take a break at a coffee shop, and then round out your day by spending some time with your home entertainment system.  If all these devices are logged into your cloud storage, you could listen to the same music and read the same book throughout the day even though you switched devices four times.

2. Constant Backups

Cloud storage sites that let you edit documents and programming scripts directly from the storage space will usually save the file every few seconds as you make changes.  This makes sure that your work won’t die just because of a local power surge or because your computer froze.  Aside from that, people often use cloud storage as a way to keep a backup of their information on a remote, encrypted server.

3. High-Speed Connections

Another reason why more people use cloud storage is simply because they can.  There are a growing number of high-speed internet options out there, including faster cable connections and growing fiber-optic networks in large cities.  These speeds make it possible to stream music and HD video in real time without worrying about any hiccups or buffering.  Fiber-based high-speed internet options also have symmetrical upload speeds, making them good for storing data as fast as you download it.

4. More Businesses Use It

Cloud computing has in many ways creeped up out of things people were already doing.  When you stream music you own from iTunes, you’re effectively using their servers to get the information they have that you own.  Cloud storage works the same way, except that you have to upload the files first.

Cloud storage is already familiar to many internet users, and thanks to the high-speed internet options available it’s easier than ever to access data on a cloud server and stream it on any device with the right permissions.  Cloud computing is safe, it’s secure, and it’s more common by the day.