Telecommuters In San Antonio Deserve A Good Online Connection

By January 1, 2018The Latest
Telecommuters In San Antonio Deserve A Good Online Connection

Throughout America, more and more people are working out of their homes.  Some work on contracts, some work on commission, and others are full employees who commute to work every day on their computers.  There’s so much you can do through the instant connection of the internet that for many jobs you never have to show up at the office once.

This is just as true in San Antonio, Texas as it is everywhere else.  But as many residents and businesses can tell you, an “instant” internet connection often isn’t fast enough to keep up with the intense data upload and download speeds that many modern businesses require.  Cloud computing and storage has become a standard practice throughout the business world thanks to the security and convenience of a remote server, but while today’s internet speeds are fine for documents and compressed photos, “high speed internet” in San Antonio needs a new definition to efficiently download and upload albums, videos, and software.

The fact is that most home internet plans, including broadband cable connections, were designed by internet service providers with website browsing in mind.  That’s what the internet offered, after all, and so it made sense to dedicate more of the connection to download speeds than to uploading, at least for residential customers.  But because more people are telecommuting now, the people who need high speed internet in San Antonio need it to be symmetrical, which means the upload and download speeds are the same.

They also need the high speed connection to be even faster, which is why many businesses and homes are switching to fiber internet connections.  Optical fiber cables use photons to transfer information instead of electrons, making them extremely fast by comparison.  While electric cables still measure speeds in megabits per second, fiber lines offer gigabit connections.  Fiber providers have redefined the meaning of high speed internet in San Antonio, much like they have in other cities throughout the world.

So if a fiber internet connection is available in your area, and if you work from home or your business needs a solid connection to cloud servers, it can pay to find out whether your location in San Antonio has access to a fiber internet provider.  With more jobs putting more information and data on remote servers and more workers doing more of their work from home, it’s no wonder why “high speed internet” in San Antonio just got a lot faster.