Achieving Success When Working From Home

By September 7, 2018The Latest
Achieving Success When Working From Home

Working from home has become more common than ever before. There are multiple benefits to telecommuting that go beyond the ability to stay in your pajamas all day. The effect on the environment alone is substantial as it reduces:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Greenhouse gasses
  • Energy use
  • Carbon footprints

Businesses who employ remote workers also benefit from the reduction of:

  • Real estate costs
  • Travel-related costs
  • Turnover and absenteeism
  • Healthcare costs

Whether you work remotely for a business or pay the bills with freelance work, your home office is your workspace. How you equip it is essential to your success. 

Some Office Supplies Are Non-Negotiable 

You’re going to need a solid home internet connection. That’s point number one. What follows is all a matter of personal taste. Your desk, your chair, your office supplies, and even your Pandora channel preferences are all negotiable. The two most important things you’re going to need from your home internet provider are:  

  • Speed
  • Stability

Speed. Your home internet needs to be fast. As in gigabit-speed fast. You’ll need a fast connection to upload or download content like video, audio, and design files. This isn’t going to happen with home internet from a DSL provider. You’re going to need business quality, high-speed fiber internet connections in your home to do your job well. 

Stability. If two words can send shivers up the spine of a remote worker, its packet loss. Packet loss refers to the loss of data packets due to failed transmissions or data overload. When packet loss occurs, it can cause your browser to crawl along at a slow rate, which is a nightmare for researchers and writers. Hopefully, your home internet provider can cover your packet loss issues as well as your speed needs. 

Though there are other factors that make your remote job successful, it all begins here. 

Property Managers Play A Role In The Work/Home Integration  

The number of people working from home will only continue to grow, especially as the next generation continues to show the world how beneficial it is to everyone from the company to the planet. As a property manager, you know how many young professionals are choosing to rent before they buy. Your tenants are more interested in your Wi-Fi capabilities than your workout facilities. When you provide gigabit internet for your urban apartment residents, you’re providing them the ability to work from home without worrying about speed or stability. Reduce your churn rate and increase your property value with an amenity they can’t live without.