Can Internet Access Lower Driving Time?

By October 19, 2018The Latest
Can Internet Access Lower Driving Time? - Home Internet

The two numbers don’t sound like they should have anything to do with each other when you first hear them together.  What does a fast, reliable internet connection have to do with how much time you spend in your car?  However, once you start to think about it, you might realize that the internet helps you do things you might normally have to handle in person.  Once you work that out, you can start to see all sorts of ways a home internet connection helps you cut down on your commute and reduce your errands.

Working From Home

Whether you’re telecommuting to work or you’ve found an online job that doesn’t require you to ever show up at an office, a strong home internet connection can be essential to how you make your income.  Telecommuting for a few days every week can save money that you would have spent on gas, and depending on how far your office is from your home you could get back half an hour to several hours that you would have spent on the road.

If your job is completely online, you also have the freedom to live in any city and any neighborhood you like.  Well, assuming the community has a strong online connection, of course.

Running Fewer Errands

Another big way a home internet connection can reduce your daily driving time is by letting you get things done without having to leave home.  Online shopping is the most obvious way this helps:  not only can you often get lower prices from online vendors, but you also get a much wider selection and you can compare prices without having to move away from your computer.  You can also do things like file your taxes, pay your bills, and even order a food delivery without leaving your home.

Avoiding Traffic Jams

Having a mobile internet connection can also help your driving time.  Many navigation apps now track traffic patterns, and you can have them automatically change your route to avoid stopped traffic.  This can help you get to and from your destination much faster.

Having access to a fast home internet connection lets you do a lot of things online that you’d otherwise have to do in person or at best over the phone.  This means less time spent in your car going to and from work, shopping centers, banks, and other places.  Instead, you can spend your newfound spare time however you want, and even if you head back to your car and drive down a country road, you’re still spending your time having fun instead of running errands.