Can You Run A Business Where No One Meets In Person?

By June 21, 2019The Latest
Can You Run A Business Where No One Meets In Person?

The modern business model is much different from the ones that were common just a few decades ago.  If a company wants to stay relevant and profitable, they need to have an online presence, stay active in social media, make use of viral marketing, and keep innovating a new product that will capture people’s attention year after year.

Something else that’s changed is the need for every person in the company to meet in person.  Thanks to programs like Skype and Discord, company employees can stay in contact with each other while performing their work in different locations.  They could even be on different continents.  The important thing is for the company’s owner to have a strong business internet connection so that the company doesn’t drop an important connection or have trouble downloading data.

The advantage of using remote workers is the fact that you can take your pick of the best talent available.  Many people are very good at what they do but don’t want to leave their hometowns, and if they work online they won’t have to.  Since you only need a good business internet connection to keep in touch with your workers, you can hire a lot of talent that otherwise would have turned you down.

However, there are also some downsides to running a completely online company.  It can be harder to get your team members to communicate when they never meet in person, and it’s not easy to develop a corporate culture that can keep everyone motivated and doing their best.  Still, it’s possible to overcome these challenges and create a business with employees and contract workers who can do their jobs without having to speak face-to-face.

At the same time, you should keep in mind that while the employees can be anywhere, the headquarters location can still be important.  Having access to a strong business internet connection is key if you want to keep in touch with everyone, which is why you should choose a location with access to fiber internet.  If you ship products to your customers, you should also keep in mind that a central location near an important distribution center can keep shipping costs low.  Running a business with remote workers has its advantages, but it still takes work to succeed.