A Closer Look At Adding Gigabit Internet To Your Building

By July 3, 2017The Latest
A Closer Look At Adding Gigabit Internet To Your Building

Texas has one of the fastest-growing populations in the country, and much of that influx of people is focused around San Antonio. There are plenty of reasons for this – numerous jobs, a bustling economy, and more – but the bottom line is that those people moving to the area need a place to call their home.

Today’s Americans rely on a lot of different things to make a home theirs, too. And one thing that is vital for anyone is a good home internet. While the traditional focus has been on allowing tenants to set up their own home internet, today’s San Antonio rental communities can also offer gigabit internet to tenants as an amenity of living there.

This deserves a closer look, and any property owner or manager in San Antonio should pay careful attention to why gigabit internet is important – and how to get the best value from it.

Why It Matters

First, it’s worth understanding why offering gigabit internet to tenants is so important. Essentially, the internet has become an integral part of our lives and as such it’s something that nearly anyone will expect when moving to a new location. Whether they use it for entertainment or for work, it’s a must-have for millions.

When a building offers gigabit internet to tenants, it becomes much more attractive. Those fast internet speeds mean that tenants get reliable internet that they can use for virtually anything they choose. And in doing so, property managers improve their reputation, help create stronger word of mouth, and improve tenant satisfaction. All of these are things that can help improve a property’s bottom line and keep profits in the green in a big way.

How To Add It

Adding gigabit internet isn’t difficult either, and finding the fastest internet connection is only part of the puzzle. Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Shared connections aren’t the best choice. Instead, Jumpfiber offers the chance for every tenant to get fast connection speeds that aren’t impacted by the use that is going on elsewhere in the building. No matter how many people are using the internet, speeds won’t drop. 
  • Big telco companies stuff a bill with hidden fees and charges. Property managers deserve better, and avoiding those hidden fees and getting a low, fair, flat rate is a must. 
  • Jumpfiber also offers community rewards. The more people in a building using gigabit internet, the lower the overall costs will be. This helps reduce expenses and still delivers great internet service.

The simple truth is that gigabit internet is a must-have for today’s population, and by giving it to them property managers will help grow their property’s future in a big way.