Communities That Invest In Optical Fiber Are Investing In Their Future

By June 1, 2018The Latest
Communities That Invest In Optical Fiber Are Investing In Their Future

San Antonio, Texas is one of the biggest cities in America, not just in Texas, which is why the city has invested money and subsidies into its fiber-optic cable network.  Internet service cables are partly laid by independent companies like JumpFiber, but the city installs some lengths and they work closely with providers to make sure fiber internet service in San Antonio can reach as many customers as possible.

So why has the city spent so much money on fiber connections?  It’s not just because they give residents lightning-fast connections that let them download HD movies in seconds or massive image folders in minutes.  It’s because high-tech businesses need every scrap of speed they can get their hands on, and if they have to move to a new city to get those scraps they will.  This is especially true for businesses like server farms and major online catalogs, companies that get a lot of online traffic all day and need the bandwidth to serve all their customers simultaneously.

Fiber connections also help the businesses that already rely on the internet service in San Antonio.   Even if your company isn’t part of the internet backbone, a fast connection lets you reach more customers and think bigger when you’re considering ways to expand.  Maybe you could move more of your business to an online model, or maybe you could offer the customers who come to your location a faster Wi-Fi connection that they’ll love.  The only real limitation is your imagination.

Aside from businesses both local and international, a faster internet service in San Antonio also benefits the residents.  After all, while HD videos are fine, consumers are demanding even more definition with 4K and Ultra 4K videos becoming more popular with every year.  But if you want a high-quality video with that many pixels, you’ll need to wait a long time for the video to download on a regular cable connection, or you’ll have to deal with constant stream interruptions.  Fiber connections make residential neighborhoods more attractive, and with prices dropping quickly you won’t have to be rich to afford a gigabit connection.

Cities are investing millions of dollars into fiber-optic internet cables because doing so has benefits to just about every business and resident who lives in the covered areas.  If you want to understand why fiber connections are taking off, all you have to do is look at the cities that adopted fiber early and see how well they’re doing today.