Fiber Internet Can Revitalize Communities

By January 29, 2018The Latest
Fiber Internet Can Revitalize Communities

Internet service is quickly approaching electricity and running water in terms of being an essential utility people can’t do without.  An online connection combines the communication of the phone line with the content of a cable TV subscription, and then it adds a thousand more things on top.

As storage space, file sizes, and quality continues to improve, so does the need for higher speeds.  Tech companies, in particular, need lightning-fast connections, and a lot of them are looking for cities and communities that have the fiber internet infrastructure that can deliver 1 or more gigabits per second instead of the average 10 Mbps cable connections offer.

Chattanooga, Tennessee is an example of how a fiber internet infrastructure can put a city on the map.  Chattanooga became a big manufacturing center in the early 20th century, but as manufacturing jobs moved overseas the city stagnated.  But in 2009, the city invested in one of the first major fiber-optic networks and by 2010 they were offering gigabit speeds to most of the city’s residents.  Because of this, major businesses like Volkswagen and Amazon have given Chattanooga a second look, and the city’s population is steadily on the rise.

Of course, a city as big as San Antonio doesn’t have to worry about bringing in businesses.  The cattle industry that built the town is still going strong, and companies from all kinds of industries call San Antonio home.  But while the city as a whole doesn’t need revitalizing, many of its neighborhoods are showing their age.  By developing fiber internet lines in these areas, new life can come to old communities.

At JumpFiber, we’re doing our part to spread fiber connections throughout San Antonio.  Our policy of zero hidden fees makes our payment plans easy to understand.  Plus we offer community rewards that deliver discounts as more residents sign up with us.  By offering gigabit speeds, JumpFiber helps prepare communities for a more connected future.