Fiber Internet Is Expanding West

By January 11, 2019The Latest
Fiber Internet Is Expanding West

The Texas Hill Country spreads out to the west of San Antonio.  The area divides humid east Texas from the deserts of the west, and its population has been growing alongside San Antonio and Austin’s.  With more suburbs and larger towns emerging, it’s no surprise that the fiber lines powering high-speed internet in San Antonio are spreading out into the Hill Country.

However, expanding the high-speed internet of San Antonio is a slow and expensive process.  Fiber internet connections are expensive enough in cities when a single line can give a whole apartment building gigabit speeds, and even in the city, there are many areas that still don’t have fiber connections available.  In a suburban town most of the homes are single-family houses on half an acre or more, so the cost of expanding fiber there is significant.

Those costs go up even further when you go west into the desert.  Many rural communities in West Texas still don’t have a cable connection and those that do have to worry about windstorms and floods knocking out their internet.  Towns and cities in the area are also trying to improve their connection speed and build their own fiber connections, which is why officials in Ward County are trying to put together enough money to create a big fiber-optic ring around the county and bring gigabit internet speeds to as many residents as possible.

Unfortunately, the going is still slow at this point, and both low-income and rural communities aren’t getting the speeds that are helping San Antonio’s high-tech industry grow.  The range of gigabit high-speed internet in San Antonio is slowly expanding, but it still needs to expand a lot more to reach these underserved neighborhoods.

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