Give Tenants The Home Internet That They Deserve

By March 12, 2018The Latest
Give Tenants The Home Internet That They Deserve

In today’s modern society, people expect nothing less than for everything to be convenient. Take fast food joints for example. These establishments are continually changing items on the menu to meet the health demands of consumers. Burgers are being replaced with salads, and chicken wraps are becoming all the rage. They even offer dollar lists or combos to keep people coming back for more. So, why would anyone require anything less from their home internet provider? A person can have all of the fancy gizmos, gadgets, and devices in the world, but without being able to access the web, these belongings would represent nothing more than a traditional phone or paperweight.  

Property Managers, Attract Top-Tier Applicants With Fiber Internet

The installation process is quick, does not cause owners or tenants disruptions, and to make things even better, no expensive retro-fit kit is required. Purchasers automatically get enrolled in our community rewards program, which comes with three different levels. Once a specific customer penetration level is achieved, all clients in the building receive a discount on their bill. Most folks do not want to live in a structure that does not have reliable connectivity, and they will hit the door running rather than moving their belongings inside. Each plan has symmetrical speeds, and a dedicated line feeds every customer’s modem. Therefore, sharing bandwidth with neighbors is eliminated, and the home internet accommodates all of the resident’s surfing, streaming, or playing needs.

Equal Upload And Download Speeds

There never seems to be enough time for anything. People spend countless hours working one or more jobs just trying to make ends meet. The last thing tenants want to do after a long, hard day is to sit around waiting for data to upload or download. Customers who worry about internal WiFi slowdowns should not fret. Clients can pick the managed router Carrier Class to ensure that they receive their purchased speed. This benefit can be a big draw for work from home writers, customer service representatives, sales team members. If nothing else, attracting these types of individuals, with the stable home internet, should give property managers peace of mind in knowing that their tenants are employed and have a steady income. Our organization is so assured of the product that it comes with a money back guarantee. If clients are not completely satisfied within the first 30-days, they will be issued a full refund.