Keep A Work Mindset When You Work From Home

By April 16, 2018The Latest
Keep A Work Mindset When You Work From Home

Working from home offers a lot of advantages over working at an office, especially thanks to the high-speed internet options entering the market in big cities like San Antonio, Texas.  You can save a bundle on transportation and food costs, you can set your own hours and get everything done at your own pace, and you can work for a company headquartered in a completely different city without having to move away.

However, it’s not always easy to stay focused when you’re surrounded by all the distractions you have at home, and when you set your own hours it’s all too easy to procrastinate until the deadline is coming up and you have to rush through everything as quickly as you can.  For many people transitioning to a work-at-home job, it helps to set up barriers between work life and home life.  If that sounds like a good idea to you, you should make use of the following suggestions.

1. Set a work schedule.  You still get the work-at-home advantages like flexible hours, the ability to interrupt your work for any reason, the fact you can end the day early if you get all your work done, and a much better break room, but by setting a work schedule you can make sure you’re focused on your job for an appropriate amount of time.

2. Create a workstation.  One effective way to set aside your daily distractions is to create a workstation that you only use for your job.  This may demand that you buy a new home computer or laptop, but depending on your profession it doesn’t have to be very expensive since the most important factor is whether it makes full use of the high-speed internet options you have at home.

3. Dress for success.  There are few more effective ways to remind yourself that you’re on the job than by dressing up when you go to work.  You may only be trying to impress yourself, but you’ll remember you should be working right now every time you look down.

One other thing you should remember when you work from home:  make sure you have the tools you need to work properly.  High-speed internet options like symmetrical gigabit connections are essential for some types of jobs, especially if you do a lot of work with big files like lossless images and audio, programs, or video editing.  When you need to upload your work or review the work of others, or if you need to video chat with coworkers, you won’t want to waste time on download speeds.  But with high-speed internet and the right attitude, you can accomplish a lot.