Make The Internet Of Things Work For Your Business

By December 21, 2018The Latest
Make The Internet Of Things Work For Your Business - Business Internet

The “Internet of Things” refers to the growing number of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices that are connecting to each other and communicating more information than ever before.  However, when people think about the IoT they usually think about the devices you’d find in your home, the smart refrigerator, oven, and child’s toys.  There’s a lot more to the IoT than that, and many devices that are part of this Internet of Things are very handy when you’re running a business.

1. Fleet Trackers

By installing the right device in the engines of your fleet vehicles, you can monitor their GPS location, fuel efficiency, and maintenance needs.  This information lets you help plan faster routes for your vehicles, figure out which driving habits use the least gasoline, and schedule maintenance visits before the wrong part falls off.

2. IoT Connectivity

One downside to embracing the Internet of Things is the fact that you build up a big pile of things that each need to access your local wireless business internet connection.  Just a few at a time can fill up the bandwidth, but you also have regular mobile devices and possibly some larger computers to worry about, too. That’s why companies are creating IoT connectivity solutions, a hub that your IoT devices can connect to without eating up your valuable business internet bandwidth.  However, you’ll still need a fast connection.

3. Personalized Sales

One way the IoT is making things easier is by identifying users based on things like facial recognition and GPS app data.  Retail stores can use this information to set up flash sales targeted at individual customers based on their buying habits, or you can use it to mark down something that’s taking up shelf space you need for something newer or more valuable.

The Internet of Things is automating houses in ways we never even considered just 15 years ago, but it doesn’t have to start and end at the front door of your home.  Retail and other industries can also benefit from IoT automation, especially if they have a powerful enough fiber-based business internet connection to handle the extra load.  At this point, the only limitations are software development and the entrepreneurial imagination.