Reducing Costs For Broadband Internet

By July 10, 2017The Latest
Reducing Costs For Broadband Internet

In the past, property managers and owners needed to offer their tenants a few basic things – heat, shelter, electricity, water, and so on. But today, there’s something that is just as important to many – broadband internet. 

Today’s tenants use their internet for virtually everything, from shopping to communication to entertainment to telecommuting to work. And because of that, it’s vital that property owners offer excellent broadband internet in their buildings. 

But that can quickly become a major cost, and because of this, some may choose to let each tenant figure out their own internet needs. However, by taking the right steps you can lower your overall broadband internet costs and help reduce the costs that are passed on to tenants. In the process, you can help build a stronger reputation as one of the best places to live in San Antonio – especially for those who want good broadband internet.

  • Start by understanding that big telco will often have significant costs – including some that you might not even know about. Broadband internet costs alone are one thing, but when extra fees and hidden surcharges start being tacked onto a bill, it can become expensive and frustrating. Look at all of the different fees that might come with those big telco companies, and it becomes clear that shopping around is a better option. 
  • Another thing to pay attention to is value. Cable internet that uses shared connections means that you and your tenants may not be getting what they deserve – the more people that are using the connection, the slower the speeds will go. Jump Fiber, on the other hand, offers dedicated connections that mean everyone gets exactly what they pay for, with no drop in speed just because three neighbors are streaming video. 
  • Everyone talks about bundles, but what about community rewards? With Jump Fiber, you can get reduced rates for broadband internet based on the number of customers in a building that are users. In short, the more people connected, the lower the overall costs. 

The bottom line is that it’s possible to save big bucks on broadband internet that is fast, reliable, and sure to satisfy even the most demanding tech-loving tenant. No matter the size of a property or the number of connections needed, it’s well worth taking the time to get the best possible speeds and the best prices. Jump Fiber can help.