What It Takes From The Internet To Work From Home

By September 11, 2017The Latest
What It Takes From The Internet To Work From Home

San Antonio’s population continues to climb at a rapid pace, and as it does so does the demand for a place to call home. However, property managers need to go beyond just making sure that their property’s name is out there – you need to offer residents everything that they need to stay happy and live to their fullest.

One thing that is important to provide is good home internet service. While it’s easy to think of this as just being something to surf the web and use social media with, today’s population are moving towards telecommuting jobs in a big way. More and more people are working from home over their internet, and that means that offering a reliable and fast home internet service is a must for all property managers.

But just what does it take for a home internet service to offer tenants all they need when they work from home? There are a few things to pay attention to.

  • Speed – This is the most obvious necessity. Good speed is a must for telecommuters, and one of the first things that a potential tenant may look at will be how fast their download speeds are.
  • Symmetrical Speeds – Another thing that those who work online from home will be looking at will be their upload rates. Symmetrical speed plans allow for uploads to move just as quickly as downloads, matching the speeds perfectly. This makes cloud computing and uploading work related files fast and simple.
  • Dedicated Connections – The world loves streaming video, but with a shared connection it can make it harder for telecommuters to get their work done. Shared connections mean that if two or three fellow tenants are using the internet, it could slow speeds for everyone else. With a dedicated connection, speeds will remain steady.
  • Affordability – Lower costs mean that the average person is able to save money and still get their work completed regularly. With things like community rewards programs and bundled rates, you can provide tenants with the most affordable reliable home internet around.

The bottom line is simple – today’s telecommuters need fast internet that they can depend on to maintain reliable speeds no matter the time of day or how they’re using it. Upload and download speeds are equally important as well and making sure that your tenants get the internet they deserve will be instrumental in ensuring their satisfaction with your property. It’s one more thing to put in place for residents, and something that everyone will make use of.